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CMI - Centro di Medicina Iperbarica
Local name:
Country: San Marino
City: Acquaviva
Postal code: 47892
Address: Strada Genghe di Atto 101
Tel (administrative): +378 0549/999630
Fax (administrative): +378 0549/999648
E-mail: info@domusmedica.sm
Tel (chamber): +378 0549/999630
Medical Director: Dr. Gerardo Bosco
Available 24 hours? No
Operation hours Mon to Fri: 08:00-20:00
Chamber type: Multi (8+1 seats)
Critical care HBO possible? No
Time needed prior to start HBO: 01:00
Associated hospital name: Domus Medica - Casa di Cura privata - San Marino
Website: www.domusmedica.sm
Notes: DHM Unit accredited with San Marino NHS (ISS) and with Italian NHS (SSN) [AUSL Rimini cooperation agreement dd Apr 11th 2012]. UNI11366 (3.13-3.32) compliant management.
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