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HBO Centers in Europe

This section  lists all hyperbaric centers in Europe (or should...), and provides for each a standard information page, as well as links to the website, if existing. HBO Centers are only listed when they request this themselves. Please note that OXYNET, its agents and representatives, nor COST B14 accept responsability for the quality of care provided in these centers.
To be listed in this directory, please fill in this simple form. The data you submit will be send to the COST B14 Management Committee for verification; then - within approximately one week - they will be published on this page.


HBO Centres in Portugal

Funchal, Centro de Medicina Hiperbarica
Lisboa, Centro de Medicina Hiperbarica
Matosinhos, Unidade de Medicina Hiperbarica do Hospital Pedro Hispano
Ponta Delgada, Unidade de Medicina Hiperbárica e Subaquática do Hospital Divino Espírito Santo


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